Dual Careers


Bringing Family

You may want your partner and/or children to be with you in the Netherlands. Perhaps they wish to come over together with you, or join you at a later stage. Either way, be sure to mention any plans to your host institution or Dutch employer as early as possible. This will allow your HR contact to give you the best advice on how to deal with all the necessary paperwork.

Applying at the same time or not?
Your purpose of stay determines whether the (provisional) residence permit applications for all family members must be submitted at the same time. If you come to the Netherlands as a "highly skilled migrant" or as a "scientific researcher under EC Directive 2005/71" this is not necessary. Your family members' applications can be submitted together with yours, or at a later stage. This will not delay the application procedure with IND.

If you are a labour migrant, (provisional) residence permit applications for all family members must be submitted at the same time. If not, your family members’ applications will not be dealt with in a fast procedure. Moreover, they can only be submitted once you have obtained your Dutch residence permit. Altogether this may become a lengthy procedure.

Even if applications were submitted at the same time, it does not mean that all family members must come over at the same time. They can still choose between travelling to the Netherlands together with you, or at a later stage.

Additional requirements
If you are bringing family members, there are some additional requirements to bear in mind:

  • Sufficient financial means:
    You must be able to demonstrate that you can take care of them financially.
  • Regarding your relationship:
    Marriage certificate. If you are unmarried partners, you must submit certificates to prove that neither of you are married to anybody else. These certificates may not be older than six months. Any documents must be correctly legalised.
  • Regarding children:
    Birth certificate of each child that will be with you in the Netherlands. Any documents must be correctly legalised.

Duration and rights
The validity of the residence permit of your partner depends on the validity of your own permit. The end date of the permit of your partner matches the ending date of your permit.

Your partner is free to take up any type of employment in the Netherlands if you are a "highly skilled migrant" or a "scientific researcher under EC Directive 2005/71". A work permit is not required. If you are a labour migrant, a work permit may be required if your partner takes up employment. Check with your HR contact.

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